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Coping with Gender Dysphoria

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      Do you suffer from Gender Dysphoria? If you do then you know that it can be very hard to deal with and will destroy your ability to enjoy your life if you let it. There are many ways that gender dysphoria can get activated and even some ways to try dealing with it in a positive, loving way. You do not have to punish yourself for your feelings any more than your average cisgender person does. None of this is your fault and never was, you do not deserve any of the blame for having these feelings, they just exist for good or bad and there are some interesting ways to deal with them.

     Gender dysphoria is defined by Wikipedia as experiencing “…significant dysphoria(discontent) with the sex they were assigned at birth and/or the gender roles associated with that sex”. The possible causes of this condition may be psychological, behavioral, genetic, the makeup of your brain or possible exposure to prenatal exposure to hormones(either estrogen or testosterone). A transgender woman having been exposed to estrogen and a transgender man having been exposed to testosterone. These are just a few of the many theories that have been  thrown around over the years, utterly useless when you are trying to learn how to deal with the condition.

    The first method in trying to deal with the dysphoria is to observe when it happens to us and what sets it off. Thus we can simply avoid those things (if possible) that cause so much distress in the transgender person’s life.  These things can range from the simple to the sublime and all serve to make our day a bad one. Here are some of the things that will activate the dysphoria:

Wearing clothing (or being made to) that is of the gender you do NOT identify with. This can cause a massive amount of dysphoria and leads to other, less healthy, ways of thinking.

Being exposed to people who are the prime example of the gender you wish to be. Sitting around looking at pictures of beautiful women or very masculine men can lead to envy and depression over something that you can do nothing about beyond your transition.

Having someone “read you” as the opposite gender you are trying to portray and making you aware of their “discovery”. This is where you have to try to avoid, instruct or complain about a specific person or persons. When it happens on the street there is little you can do besides a good iPod or pair of ear plugs.

Someone asking about (or worse using) your “real name”. Again people we try to avoid in future.

Having a person call you “Sir” or “miss” in a public setting, exposing your gender identity and transgender status to all who can hear. This can sometimes be just a mistake or ignorance on the part of the person doing it, however it drives up your dysphoria none the less.  When it’s meant to hurt there is a significant reaction and can cause some serious distress.

Being envious of other transgender people because you perceive that they “pass” better than you and therefore have an easier life.  They don’t have an easier life, just different problems.  There are many shades of men and women, there is no cookie cutter perfect body even though our culture and media do their best to portray what they think everyone should aspire too.

     These are just a few of the many delightful ways that your gender dysphoria can be activated and cause significant distress. These things will not change nor will they go away, so your only option is to try to avoid them or deal with them in a different way. Here are some ideas about how you can deal with gender dysphoria and try to make your transition, and your life, significantly better..

     You can see there are many ways to activate gender dypshoria and many ways to try to deal with it.  Observe when your dysphoria raises its ugly head and why. Everyone is different and will experience the distress in different way; consequently there are different ways for each individual to deal with it. The dysphoria can be brutal and cause you to begin to think very bad thoughts about yourself and others. So do your best and talk to people; your friends, family, doctor and therapist. Don’t try to carry it all by yourself, it will make your transition a living hell and you could end up self harming in a myriad of ways. Take care of yourself in the best way possible and you can increase the chances of you having a happy transition and a happy life.


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Friends recall Tom Schweich as smart and tough

But the GOP convention buzzed last Friday about a radio ad that compared Schweich with TV star Don Knotts, and suggested that Schweich could not win the general election.

Friends stunned at Schweich’s apparent suicide said Thursday he was not a natural politician — back-slapping and glad-handing did not come easily to him.

That intelligence was apparent early. He came to the attention of then-U.S. He delivered a rousing speech, attendees said, and seemed enthusiastic for the governor’s race ahead..

But he turned his attention to elective politics in 2010, at the urging of Danforth and others. He made up for whatever shortcomings he had with literally being the smartest guy in the room.”

But he made up for those potential deficits with hard work and a fierce intelligence that made him a significant figure in the state’s politics.

He was a product of the public schools in St. He sought the state auditor’s job in part because it’s considered a launching pad for ambitious politicians in the state.

Four years later, Schweich was considered so unbeatable Democrats didn’t bother finding tranny cams an opponent for him.

Friends recall Tom Schweich as smart and tough | The Kansas City Star The Kansas City Star

“I see corruption at all levels,” he said on election night in November. Louis County, earning an undergraduate degree at Yale and a law degree from Harvard. He issued audits that were sharply critical of several state agencies — just this month an audit attacked budget and spending practices in the St.

Republicans said the ad showed how tough the race would be. Joseph School District.

If Schweich was bothered by the spot, though, he didn’t let many attendees know. Sen. In his first term, he sued Gov. Jack Danforth, one of the state’s leading Republicans, and worked for him as an intern. “The very Capitol … “He was incredibly well-prepared … is overrun with special interests that have completely corrupted that government.”

To reach Dave Helling, call 816-234-4656 or send email to

Schweich planned to make alleged state corruption a centerpiece of his 2016 campaign for governor.

In 2010, political rookie Tom Schweich won a tough Republican primary for Missouri auditor, then defeated an incumbent Democrat to win the job.

Schweich served as chief of staff for a committee that investigated the shootings at the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas, in 1993.

Later he served as chief of staff for three U.S. ambassadors to the United Nations and worked in the State Department, where he was assigned to coordinate an anti-drug initiative in Afghanistan.

“He was phenomenally smart,” said Platte County Prosecutor Eric Zahnd.

Schweich brought that campaign to Kansas City last weekend, meeting with Republicans gathered for their party’s annual Reagan-Lincoln meeting. Jay Nixon, alleging that the Democrat had improperly managed state budget shortfalls.

He made headlines as auditor


Webcam gets up-close visit from crow

We are generally lucky the actual crow ended up being merely a little curious along with later frightened with the webcam, or else a new peck as well as 2 could have got cracked the lens or perhaps knocked them back its perch (see what I does there?).

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If these were any hardcore fans watching in the time, these folks were surely surprised to become able to start to determine the darkish black bird scoot in to always be able to the camera’s view.

As the actual Levi’s Stadium field will get converted right straight into a football field, the webcam over-watching the method receives a visit from the curious crow.

Use your current <- -> (arrows) in order to browse

[H/T Sports Illustrated]

Use your own <- -> (arrows) for you to browse

While the actual bird might become hideous to look at, it did provide some good entertainment for your small quantity regarding time it starred upon camera.

Fans watching sexy tranny cams with some time got any pleasant-or not thus pleasant-surprise because the field progresses in for you to a rink below.

The San Jose Sharks will possibly be hosting the Los Angeles Kings later on this month within Levi’s Stadium, the house of the actual San Francisco Bay Area 49ers


Elon Musk thinks he can get you from NY to LA in 45 minutes

ET3, a organization located in Longmont, Colorado, is working on a Evacuated Tube Transport (ETT) system, that it describes as “space journey on Earth.” It utilizes a couple of tubes — one regarding each and also every direction — along with 400-pound, passenger car-sized capsules that could home six people, each and also every accelerated by simply linear electric motors. According to ET3, state trips would average speeds of about 370 mph, whilst international trips would hit that insane 4,000 mph mark.

But where Musk fits in remains a question. sources shut to the Tesla co-founder as well as CEO say he believes ET3 can be around the right track, but can be lacking a few important components, as well as that Musk features his hands complete together with Tesla and SpaceX, along with would rather possess some involvement in the development, with another entity taking your helm.

Musk described the actual Hyperloop as “a cross between a new Concorde, any railgun as well as an air hockey table,” at AllThingsD’s D11 conference earlier this year. and inside an interview along with PandoDaily, Musk stated the actual Hyperloop could form a fifth tent pole of modern transportation, joining cars, planes, trains, and also boats, adding which due to end up being able to its keezmovies lower power utilization along with capacity to obtain juice through solar power, it could generate much more energy as compared to it could consume.

Elon Musk really keez movies wants to revolutionize transportation. Again.

We’ll have to must wait until August 12th to discover out more.

The serial entrepreneur envisions a new long term exactly where mag-lev trains within enormous pneumatic tubes whisk us coming from Los Angeles for you to new York in 45 minutes. Want to be throughout Beijing tomorrow? Absolutely No problem. It’s a new two-hour ride away.

But your concept for a vacuum-sealed high-speed transit system isn’t something new. the “vactrain” concept had been floated within the early 1910s along together with a paper published by simply physicist R.M. Salter along with printed from the Rand Corporation inside 1972 titled the actual “Very Broadband Transit System,” or perhaps VHST, describes some thing extremely similar to what ET3 is actually developing.

When questioned regarding partners, Musk stated he’s “happy in order to keez movies function with the correct partners. Must truly discuss philosophical aim involving breakthrough tech completed fast & w/o wasting funds on BS.”

The company, which calls itself an “open consortium,” claims which it’s working using partners within China and has offered nearly one hundred licenses for your technology. Nevertheless ET3?s claims pose much more questions than answers, specifically when contemplating you may purchase your very own personal license for your bargain basement cost of $100.

But up until now, he hasn’t elaborated upon his involvement.

A massive vacuum tube — mounted possibly above ground or even under drinking water — could be combined with a magnetic levitation system employed about conventional bullet trains. that implies absolutely no friction, zero wind resistance, absolutely no potential for collisions, along with insanely substantial speeds.

Musk’s fascination within the thought was sparked right after researching California’s new high-speed rail project as well as realizing that it is likely to be the particular slowest as well as — from $70 billion — probably the particular most pricey system on the planet. For You To his mind, there’s an improved solution. The Actual Hyperloop is it. As Well As 1 firm unaffiliated with Musk will be within the early stages regarding development.

The engineering at the rear of the actual Hyperloop is actually similar for the old-school pneumatic tube methods employed by banks for you to suck the deposit to the teller at the drive-through. but naturally, it’s more complex when compared with that.

That lines up using a couple of responses Musk created about Twitter when inquired concerning patenting your technology. “I really hate patents unless critical to be able to company survival,” Musk tweeted. “Will publish Hyperloop as open up source.”

Story highlights

Elon Musk wants to revolutionize transportation along with high-speed trains in enormous pneumatic tubes

Such trains could theoretically whisk people via Los Angeles in order to The Huge Apple within 45 minutes

A Colorado firm will be within the first stages regarding development of this kind of system

Musk is the serial entrepreneur behind Tesla, your electric vehicle company, as well as Room X

As crazy since it sounds, Musk will be merely changing a thought that’s been around since your early 1900s, along with a minimal of 1 company will be working on a practical prototype. Nevertheless according to Wired sources, his involvement won’t be practically as hands-on as Musk’s some other endeavors with Tesla Motors along with SpaceX.


Asian, African women migrants abused in UAE homes, excluded from labor law, rights group says

Philippine Labor Secretary Erlinda Baldoz said the woman’s country offers stopped processing contracts for domestic helpers bound with regard to UAE, since the UAE won’t permit Filipino labor officials verify contracts. Your Woman stated the actual Department of Foreign Affairs can easily take the lead inside bilateral talks in order to change the visa sponsorship system.

It cited passport confiscation, non-payment involving wages, excessive work, forced confinement, meals deprivation and also psychological, physical and also sexual abuse.

MANILA, Philippines –  Many Asian and also African ladies working as domestic workers within the United Arab Emirates say his or her employers beat them with sticks or even cables, punched as well as slapped them, and there is little that they can do because they’re excluded in the country’s labor law protections, any rights group said Thursday.

The New York-based advocacy team said the particular report has been depending on interviews with 99 women domestic workers, recruitment agents as well as employers inside the UAE. A Couple Of months later, the employer threw a new shoe at the woman’s foot so forcefully the woman’s foot bled. The Particular asian webcam employer refused to consider the girl into a doctor. The Actual worker was able to escape.. The idea urged the particular workers’ home countries to improve cooperation using the UAE about oversight of the recruitment process, validity regarding contracts and also resolving legal cases.

Another Indonesian worker stated the woman’s employer raped the woman’s this past year when he took the woman’s to completely clean a new second house he bought. one mentioned the girl wasn’t paid for nearly 3 years.

The report said workers usually endure several weeks of abuse along with exploitation since regarding concern with deportation, associated with becoming banned regarding long term employment or becoming charged pertaining to “absconding.”

The abuse complaints are usually rampant throughout the wealthy Persian Gulf region that relies on foreign labor. Numerous complained associated with not necessarily being paid asian webcam promptly or even in full. A Person’s rights Watch says the situation is that the migrant workers’ residency can be tied with their employers through the sponsorship system which prevents these people effortlessly changing jobs.

A 28-year-old Indonesian quoted in the document mentioned her employer beat her every day as well as in March a yr ago twisted the girl correct arm behind the woman’s again therefore severely that it broke any bone over the woman’s wrist. Any Filipino worker mentioned the girl employers would slap or perhaps punch the girl to produce her “work harder.”

Some 146,000 migrant females are usually employed as domestic helpers within the UAE, among the actual world’s 10 richest countries. Twenty-two associated with the ladies stated his or her employers literally abused them, beating all associated with these with sticks or even cables, punching or perhaps slapping their particular faces, kicking or even chocking them. 6 mentioned his or her employers or perhaps members of family members sexually assaulted or even harassed them.

Human Legal Rights Watch referred for you to as to obtain a repeal or even changes for the UAE visa sponsorship system that will give employers treating domestic workers’ immigration status, freedom of movement and freedom in order to terminate employment. The Majority Of of them come from your Philippines, Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal along with Ethiopia.

Other countries within the oil-rich Gulf, including Saudi Arabia and also Qatar, possess additionally faced criticism more than their therapy of migrant workers.

Almost just about all workers interviewed complained of lengthy hours, as much as 21 hours every day throughout extreme cases, the actual record added


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